Rustic Almond-Strawberry-Peach Galette

We've never made a galette before and kiss my spatula posted a great recipe for one about a month ago. The original recipe was an almond-plum galette, but we modified it to go with incredibly ripe strawberries and peaches.

The almond added a really great texture and flavor. The dough itself was quite finicky. We threw out the first batch of dough ingredients making it because the texture was completely off -- way too much water.

The final product was a nice, crispy golden brown crust encasing some very juicy fruit and perhaps my only complaint was the amount of time it took to make. We multi-tasked making the galette and some carrot cake cupcakes at the same time, but there was about an hour where we needed to just sit around waiting for the dough to cool down in the fridge.